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  • 2001 The Clearing, Door County, Wisconsin

The Clearing, Door County, Wisconsin


Arne Alanen, Testaments to Place and Time: The Cultural Landscape at Sitka National Historical Park.

Mike Evans, Ethnographic Landscapes: Resource Protection and Management in the NPS.

Barbara Geiger, Caring for the Spirit: The Baha-i House of Worship Garden Restoration.

Cari Goetcheus, HALS: Historic American Landscape Survey.

Susan Hitchcock, Sweetgrass Basketry and the Changing South Carolina Landscape.

Ann Hoover, Striking the Balance between Economic Benefit and Cultural Landscape Integrity: Preservation Issues in the Stroll Garden of Edo, Japan.

Linda Flint McClelland, Documenting America’s Landscape Legacy or Beyond Bricks and Mortar: Evaluating and Documenting Landscapes for Listing in the National Register of Historic Places.

Cecelia Rusnak, An Atlantic Crossing: Of Roads and Bridges.

Nick Weeks, In the Vernacular: Informal Landscapes.

Sherda Williams, Managing an Emotional Connection to Place.

Donna Zimmerman, After the Copper Runs Out: Preserving a Sense of Place in a Historic Mining Landscape.

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  • 2001 The Clearing, Door County, Wisconsin