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May 28-31, 1997
Ames, Iowa
Developing the Family Tree:
Investigations in Landscape History and Preservation


Steve Brady, Indian Sacred Sites: Preservation Efforts at Bear Butte and Medicine Wheel.

Nicolette Bromberg, The Challenge of Collecting Landscape-related Archival Material.

Susan Buggey, Historic Landscapes: the Canadian Experience.

Barbara Geiger, O.C. Simonds’ Role in the Design of the Iowa State Campus.

Carol Grove, Henry Shaw’s Tower Grove Park: Victorian Sensibilities in the American Midwest.

Ivan Hanthorn, The Warren Manning Collection.

Anne Hoover Henderson, Boundary Modification Study for George Rogers Clark National Historical Park.

David Lowenthal, Keynote Address.

Hugh Miller, Developing the Family Tree.

Nora Mitchell, Cultural Landscape Stewardship: Assessing the Contributions to Historic Preservation.

Nora Mitchell, An Update on National Park Service Historic Landscape Policies.

Elizabeth Mogen, Ancient American Landscapes: Design Traditions of the Mayas.

Patrick Nunnally, Preservation in the Regional Landscape.

Cynthia Ott, Woodmont Rod and Gun Club.

Pat Parker, An Overview of Native American Historic Landscape Issues.

Philip Pregill, Managed Gaming and Landscape Alteration on Native American Tribal Lands.

Holly Smith-Middleton, Arnold Alanen, Documenting, Interpreting, and Managing a Tlingit Landscape at Sitka National Historical Park.

Julia Sniderman Bachrach, Rhythms of Change: Design and Cultural Inspiration at Union Park, 1853-1953.

Thom Thompson, Native American Rock Art Site Management Within U.S. National Park Service Properties: A Conflict in Values.

Michael Timmons, Incentives for Preserving the Past: Strategies for a Rural Landscape in Conservative Southern Idaho.

Christian Zimmerman, Making an 1860s Design Work for the 21st Century.