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Eric MacDonald
Eric MacDonald teaches landscape architectural history and cultural landscape management at the College of Environment and Design at University of Georgia located in Georgia, U.S.A. He has consulted on cultural landscape preservation projects in a number of U.S. states, and has studied management issues related to agricultural landscapes, folk art environments, and urban public spaces. His research interests include American landscape architectural history, and the ways in which history is integral to forming and maintaining bonds of community and advancing environmental stewardship. He is currently researching the contributions of the nineteenth-century periodical Garden and Forest to the development of American environmentalism.

Ted McLachlan
Ted McLachlan is a Professor and former Department Head in the Department of Landscape Architecture at the University of Manitoba.  Re-connecting children and adults with the cultural and natural landscapes of our prairie region has been his primary mission.  Through his teaching, research and photography he has focused on a variety of themes that celebrate the unique relationship between people and the prairie landscape.  These themes include; biodiversity and the reinsertion of urban nature, historic settlement patterns, everyday landscapes, landscapes of ruin and ethnic cemeteries.  Currently Ted is working in the mediums of photography and photogravure on several projects that explore both the designed landscape (Portfolios of Place: the Villa Gardens of Pietro Porcinai and Portals and Passageways) and the everyday landscapes in the heart of the continent (Transcontinental Transect and Cycle Derives).