About the AHLP

What does the Alliance for Historic Landscapes Preservation do?

The Alliance is a landscape preservation advocacy group. Alliance members are engaged in a multitude of activities related to the protection and presentation of historic landscapes. Its mission is to educate the public about historic landscapes, their values, threats and ways to preserve their important characteristics. The main thrust of the Alliance is to offer a forum for communication for its diverse membership.

Alliance members are involved in a wide range of projects in restoration, rehabilitation and conservation including:

  • preparation of heritage landscape inventories and assessments
  • master planning for historic sites
  • historic cemetery and battlefield conservation
  • study of industrial, agricultural, heritage conservation districts
  • development of rural protection strategies
  • development of vegetation management strategies and study of native plant communities
  • accessing sources of material for historic structures
  • writing of histories of landscapes and creators/designers of these landscapes
  • oral history collections

Members also teach, write, develop policies, and advocate for the preservation of historic landscapes. Many are involved in management, from standards to on-site activities including implementation.